Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Enhancer (MATE)


Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Enhancers (MATEs) are synthetic compounds that are chemically conjugated with existing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to enhance their ability to engage different components of the immune system.  They are composed of an optimized immune cell-binding domain covalently bound to the antibody via a tunable linker domain.  MATEs are designed to be conjugated with off-the-shelf therapeutic antibodies, requiring no special protein engineering or modification of the antibody itself.



Attaching a MATE compound to an antibody provides an additional mechanism(s) of direct immune cell engagement, enhancing the ability of the conjugate to recruit different types of immune cells to attack the tumor.


MATEs can be paired with off-the-shelf therapeutic antibodies, enabling the rapid generation of new candidates and creating multiple opportunities for partnership. Conjugating a MATE does not require altering established antibody manufacturing or purification techniques.