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CSO Luca Rastelli to present at the 2020 Innate Killer Summit

A Novel First in Class ex vivo Combination Between NK cells & a CD38 Targeting Antibody Recruiting Molecule as a Novel Approach to Arm NK Cells Without Cellular Engineering for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Time: 4:40 pm
Day: Day One


• Kleo has developed Antibody Recruiting Molecule as a novel chemical platform to target NK cells without cellular engineering relies
• ARM are synthetic, bifunctional molecules that bind to a target, e.g. tumor antigen like CD38 or viral antigen like Sars-Cov2 Spike protein, and simultaneously recruit endogenous IgG harnessing FcR dependent effector cells including NK cells
• Combining ARM molecules and NK cells ex vivo before injection into a patient, results in the creation of CAR-like construct that can arm the NK cells to more efficiently kill the targeted tumor cells, therefore the same clinically validated NK cell therapy can now be used with several different ARMs to optimally target many different diseases

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