Small is beautiful


Kleo Pharmaceuticals is a unique immuno-oncology company developing next-generation bispecific compounds designed to emulate or enhance the activity of biologics. Kleo’s compounds directly engage patients’ immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. Unlike biologics, Kleo’s compounds are smaller and more versatile, leading to potentially improved safety and efficacy. They are faster and less costly to design and produce, particularly against novel targets. The company is advancing several drug candidates based on its proprietary technology platforms, each of which is modular in design enabling rapid generation of novel immunotherapies that can be optimized against cancer and other diseases or enhance the properties of existing biologics.



Building a Leading Immuno-Oncology Pipeline

Kleo is building its drug pipeline through multiple channels. In addition to proprietary candidates generated through in-house discovery, Kleo is collaborating with the global leader in synthetic peptide discovery, PeptiDream, to identify novel molecular binders against a set of tumor and immune-cell targets.  Kleo is pursing partnerships with other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop ARM, SyAM and MATE compounds directed against partners’ targets of interest.